Garden of Thoughts | Acrylic on canvas


Garden of Thoughts
Acrylic/charcoal/pastel on Canvas 2019

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Garden of Thoughts
12” x 16”
Acrylic/charcoal/pastel on Canvas 2019
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Dreams Series:
My love of watercolor has recently made it’s transition to canvas. This out of the box partnership challenges tradition and gravity. The transparency and subtlety intrigues me and often reveals the honesty of my first thoughts. In the “Dreams” series, my soul’s rhythm is translated into line and motion and are captured by meandering ink. Color brings every dream to life, and beauty to our world.
poem for this piece
The soil of the soul, rich in fear and pain
Then cultivated to a heavenly place
Translated thoughts of gratefulness and Truth
Now a vessel, blooming in it’s destiny renewed