Tamery Stafford Artist

Pieces, the transcript of my soul, made manifest in color, stroke and cadence; this is my art. I press in to create from sincerity and the delight in Truth. Life calls out destruction and regeneration; my response is to respond in contemplative, intuitive motion while honoring balance and order. I embrace my unique way of seeing what is and what can be. This is a careful expedition of walking along the thin place of concrete story and windswept freedom.

About Me

I am a wife, a mother and a creative. I love arts and music and all that is revelatory. I find beauty in my deep faith and seek to make it known in all that do and create. I have a BFA in Interior Design and have taken all the elements of design and faith and poured them into my paintings. My heart delights in watercolor, simply because it is vulnerable and full of mystery. In acrylics, I take great  joy in painting dynamically; I am truly in love with the vibrant colors and the ability to layer and make the marks of a dance.


We are making space where the soul can be reflective, rejuvenated, educated and refined

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