Commissioned Artwork

I offer Commissioned Artwork upon inquiry. If you are interested in a commissioned a piece of art for a specific size and color pallet, please browse through the process and email me to start discussing your one-of-a-kind Artwork.

I enjoy the challenge of creating an original piece that is specific to a client and a particular space. As a degreed Interior Designer, it is very important to me that my work compliment the space for where it is being commissioned.

I will have a client fill out this intake questionnaire, and then set a meeting time by phone or in person. The next step is to pay 2/3 upfront for time and supplies. I ask for 4 weeks creation time in the initial phase (this can vary based on size) and then I will have a review process for the nearly finished piece. I will make the necessary tweaks with a 2-week turnaround time and show the client the finished piece for final review. Once approved, the last 1/3 will be paid at the time of delivery.

  • Art will be picked up by the client in the Matthews area
  • Any Shipping costs will be paid for by the client
  • Some additional charges will apply for: extensive changes at the review phase, in home assessment, or delayed payments, expedited timelines.

Fill out the interest form below and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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