Wildflowers Take+Paint


Take + Paint

5×7 Pre-drawn motif double sided

140lb Watercolor paper

Waterproof ink for steadfastness

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    Take + Paint

    5×7 Pre-drawn motif | 140 lb Watercolor Paper | Waterproof Ink for Steadfastness

    Use the finished Painted version for inspiration or create your own unique piece.

    On-Line Video Class for this motif are available for purchase

    Wild Flower Hints: mix palm + tiki to create a darker green, use squiggle patterns to give impression of petals & leave a little white of paper to add dimension. Topicals Pan Set used for this Motif.

    +Basic Sets & 12 pan Pallets are available for purchase on-line or at Painted Tree in Matthews, NC

    1813 Matthews Township Pkwy Matthews, NC 28105